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Comfortable work with 1C Cloud!
You don’t need server and ITS
(the information and technological support)!
You can install your 1C database. It will work
fast and without fail.
Send accounting records from 1C. Without any fuss and nerves.
Work from anywhere in the world with your computer
or phone. Without any extra costs.
Daily backup. For keeping you calm

Special offer for new clients

15 % discount for first purchase
withing period of 4 days payment

Automatic updates of your 1C database!

No ITS subscription, release download and installation
– the latest versions of 1C database

How does it work?
In your login account you connect to automatic updates.
During the night after a new 1C release starting
your database will update itself.

You work with non-typical database. Do you need a IT
specialist to develop database?

No problem. Consult our IT specialists.

Unique features of our service

Free 1C consultations**

We will help if you have questions about 1С typical configurations

We help our clients 24/7

We help our clients to solve 1C problems quickly, here and now!

Automatic updates

Automatic updates of your 1C database! No ITS subscription, release downloads and installation

Financial guarantee of service reliability

You get service of higher quality.
We prove in practice giving unique
reliability guarantee.
30 days free,
in case of service non-availability
for 4 hours in a row
15 days free,
in case of service non-availability
for 2 hours in a row
Force majeure situations account for 0.8 % of cases.
Gain access to 1C
Natalya Kruglyak
Online shop «Nechego Nadet»
The necessity for cost reduction (in case of crisis) for accounting.
The transition to 1C Cloud made it possible to save money on licenses (1С:Accounting, 1C:Trade Management) and server. It is no longer necessary to have staff specialist.
Petr Milyakov
Music Club «Volta»
The necessity for remote staff work organization without linking to common workplace.
Due to the transition to 1C Cloud, specialists of the company have an access to data from anywhere. It allows to solve specific tasks quickly.
Kruogla Andrey Anatolevich
LLС «Aqua-Nanny»
Low processing of applications and hard process of 1C synchronization, CRM and online shop.
  • It took only 3 minutes to start working in service.
  • High reaction rate of 1C support service with detailed consultations of specialists.
  • The cost of synchronization is 5 times lower than the cost of competitors (40 000 rub compared to 200 000 rub)
Orlov Sergei
Global Service Maсhinery
Working with different time zones, there is no possibility of accountant operational work for preparing various types of documents.
Effective online work with 1C: Accounting from diffrent Russian regions. Invoicing the client for a few minutes.
Losev Alex
Trade House «Sad Mechty»
We need to organize stable work with 1C for 7 days a week with minimal using of own resources.
Convenient and easy work with the intuitive and understandable interface of service. Specialists support 24/7.

Perfect security

DataPro is the Russia’s largest data center, having TIER III Certification compliant with the access level by uptime institute.

Fire-extinguishing system VESDA

  • Very early smoke detection

Power supply system

  • Diesel rotary uninterruptible
    power supply

Air conditioning system

  • 400 KW
    one unit capacity

End-to-end integrated security

  • 350 cameras
    security video surveillance system

3 steps to register

1С access right after registration
14 дней бесплатно
14 days free trial period
I accept the terms and conditions of the public offer and the license agreement