Partner program

Get reliable and stable income from Scloud. All you need is to tell your acquaintance
about 1C cloud renting so that he will become our client.
A percentage of his payments is your income!
14 days free

Your new income without worries

The signing a plenty of agreements, coordination, reports, minimum sales requirements…
No! This is not about our partner program.

How to start?

on the web-site as a partner

Offer our
service and register

a partner bonus
every month

Your reword

Bring a new client until 1st June
and get 100% from his payment for third month, for the others - 10%

You as a partner get one-time 100 % of the monthly subscription fee of the client and up to 30% of client payment of 1C renting during the whole period of 1C service using. The more users the client has, the higher partner’s reward is.

You earn from one client in total:

Number of clients:
Number of users
every client has:

The first/second

The third month

further month

The total
amount for the year

0 rub
0 rub
0 rub
0 rub
*Если Вы привели одного клиента, то вознаграждение выплачивается только три месяца

The calculation was made according to Optimal tariff. This table does not include the price of additional options.
If your users connect the additional option, your income will become larger!

How should I offer your service?

There are a lot of ways by which you can tell target audience about our service.

  • Direct recommendation
    The easiest one : You can tell your director or acquaintance who has a business about our service. The freelance accountant is suitable as well.
  • Ads on the web-site
    If you have your web-site, you can place advertising materials: banners and articles. We give you all ads. You can download all materials in 2 clicks through personal partner account.
  • Social networks
    You can tell social network users about us. If you have a large group in social networks, such way will be effective.
  • Public events
    Another way of client attraction to 1C cloud is an organization and visiting big business and accounting events. Tell about us at the conference, seminar or exhibition. Perhaps, you can attract visitors to 1C cloud by this way.
  • Client informing
    If you have your own business and your clients are small and medium-sized companies, 1C partner program is for you. Tell your clients about us by phone or send weekly e-mail. Thus you get extra income without investing.

It is easy to tell about us, you don’t need special knowledge.

  • Significant savings (a small monthly payment instead of costs for license, updates, organization of your own server, hiring of an administrator on the staff)
  • Simplicity of 1C introduction in case of brunch network organization
  • Deliver a report to supervisory authorities directly from 1C
  • High speed of work in 1C which will be much higher then work on stationary PC
  • Possibility to work with 1C from any place, any device with Internet
  • Adding new employees in 2 clicks (it is not necessary to buy additional licenses)
  • 24-hour access to 1C program
  • Free consultations about work in 1C program
  • High reliability (the probability of 1C database keeping in our service is much higher than on an office personal computer)

It is not the whole advantages list of working in 1C cloud service. Your personal manager will give you a detailed information about our partner program.

Our partners:

Any interested person can become our partner of 1C cloud service.
However, our experience shows that representatives of these activities have more effective results:

IT specialists

Accountants and
other financial specialists

Freelancer accountant

The owner of web-site

specialists or organizations

IT consulting companies

Business consultant

Companies whose clients –
small and medium firms

Software developers
(especially SAAS)

Internet and
hosting providers